Newborn Lifestyle photography

In these newborn sessions I will work with you to create beautiful, timeless and authentic photography which captures the love, excitement and joy of getting to know your brand new baby. Lifestyle sessions are completely baby led and take place in the comfort of your home. They are relaxed and gentle in pace allowing plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes and soothing.  I have an unobtrusive approach and will only loosely pose you and your baby, guiding you into the best light and settings. I aim to capture the whole story of your babies arrival into your family and will include small and precious details from the nursery and accessories to nappy changes and feeding.  

booking a session

The best time to contact me is ideally after your 20 week scan so we can pencil in your due date and secure a spot in my diary. It will be an estimate date which will be adjusted depending on when your baby arrives. As baby’s arrival date can be unpredictable, its best to book early to ensure we have flexibility around your due date.

The beauty of newborn lifestyle photography is that babies can be up to one month old for their session. However it is worth baring in mind that after 2 weeks old babies tend to sleep less and are harder to settle so may be more wakeful for their photo's. If you prefer the more curled up, sleepy look I would strongly suggest that you book baby in before they are 10 days old.

newborn baby girl cheshire family photographer

how it works

Newborn lifestyle sessions take place in your home and will take 2-3 hours. I use mostly natural light in my images so on arrival at your home I will ask to have a look at a few of your rooms, to see where I feel the best setting and light will be. This will most likely be your bedroom or the nursery. Although it really can depend and we may move about depending on light or to create a new scene.

This session is completely about you and your family and what you want from your photos. I am a creative a heart and if you have ideas or thoughts please do talk to me about them. 


newborn baby feet Cheshire Northwest Newborn Photographer

what to wear

To get the very best from your photos I suggest that you keep it simple when it comes to what to wear. Pale and pastel tones next to baby tend to work best. Gentle patterns can also be lovely but try to avoid loud patterns as this can be distracting in the photographs.

For baby, have a couple of options to choose from, again keeping it simple, just vests or baby grows. I will often photograph baby in just their nappy and I don't tend to wrap baby.

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