Girls Day Out

Normally a girls day out would consist of a relaxing spa day or a spot of retail therapy but not for me and my bestie, Ellie from Dandelion Photography! Nope! Our idea of an awesome day out is to go and check out some new kit involving cameras and taking photos of course!

So last week we went on a mini road trip down to Nottingham for a play date with the Sony Alpha A7iii and the A9. (This is a camera by the way!) It was a Sony Experience Day run by Training by Lumiere. It was totally amazing to meet Kate Hopewell-Smith and Brent Kirkman (yes I was a little star struck) who hosted the event at Wollerton Hall and it is safe to say it was fantastic and a real eye opener!

As a photographer you would presume I was “in to my kit!” I mean, I adore my Canon 5D’s but I am in no way “techie” in fact far from it (I like to think I have a more “creative brain” as I tend to run a mile from “tech talk”!) So this was a different yet important kind of day for me. I think in a fast paced industry like Photography where technology is constantly pushing the boundaries it would be foolish of me to ignore that the mirrorless cameras are really making waves. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

After a short introduction we were presented with a Sony Camera and lens to try out. Kate and Brent showed us around the menu and how to customise dials and settings and then went into more depth about the Auto Eye Focus, an extremely exciting feature. After lunch we were treated to a styled wedding shoot were we were given the opportunity to get to grips with the camera. Admittedly we were in a beautiful setting and with stunning models, it was picture perfect! However the main feature I was most interested in testing out was the auto eye focus. Focus and sharpness of image is hugely important to me. My style of photography is light and airy and I often like to do relaxed walking shots that are back lit. These can be notoriously tricky on the focus and a frustrating gamble leading to a tendency to over shoot. But yes you guessed it, the Sony Alpha pretty much nailed this every shot! Urgh I did not want that to happen.

If you’ve seen me in action you’ll know that I wear a holster with 2 cameras and shoot mainly with prime lenses. The holster is fabulous as it eliminates neck and back strain as the cameras are so heavy. Especially when you have been carrying them for a 12+ hour day! So to cop a feel of these Sony cameras which are light in comparison was a real treat. Keeping on top of all my lenses and trusting that they are well calibrated 100% of the time (not to mention the expense and time involved in this) can be a real gamble too. This is another big swaying point for me. So not only are the Sony cameras lighter but the cameras and the lenses also never need calibrating!

There are many other features that I haven’t mentioned so as not to bore you but as you can see I’m in a real dilemma. I am not going to lie, I went into this day not wanting to like this camera as I’m so happy and comfortable with Canon but I must admit I have been blown away!

Do I switch?

Charlie x