If you have children, you'll know only too well how hard it is for them to keep still, I get it, honestly I do. I have 2 little boys and if I ask them to keep still for just 5 seconds, THEY JUST CAN'T DO IT! Children have freedom in their hearts and endless energy. Whether its running and jumping in puddles or having a tantrum because the sandwiches have been cut the wrong way. It doesn't matter because its your family and its about you. Being still and looking straight at a camera is totally overrated in my opinion, it's so much more fun to run and be wild and be free.

There is plenty of time for sitting still the older they get, and its sad because those days will come all too quickly. I simply adore the hustle and bustle of family life. It's REAL.  It's HONEST. And that is what I want to see when I meet you for your family shoot. I want the photos to capture the essence of your family, be full of energy, colour and emotion. Real smiles, real moments.

So without further ado here is the gorgeous Draper family. I travelled over the hills to Sheffield to see these lovely people. We met at Whirlowbrook Hall and we walked and chatted and had a picnic. We played games and searched for fairies and collected pinecones. It was such a lovely day out. This is them, totally rocking their family shoot and having lots and lots of fun...